Current Affairs Today - Current Affairs 2014

State Bank of India launches a Twitter Handle

State Bank of India has now launched a Twitter Handle. Earlier, SBI had launched its accounts on Facebook and Youtube. The aim is to target a huge customer base as well as potential customers. There will be all day round tweets about the SBI’s products, services, new products launched, banking related education to customers, etc.

By making Twitter handle, the bank anticipates this to associate itself in a better manner with the tech-savvy youth.

CBI sets up ‘Sport Integrity Unit’ to probe frauds in Sports

In order to control ‘fixing’ in sports, the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) has established a committed ‘Sport Integrity Unit’ to investigate into cases of fraud, fixing and illegal betting in any sporting event.

Objectives of this Sport Integrity Unit include:

  • Investigating into matters related to sports fraud
  • Battling malpractices in sports
  • Coordinating with sports federations and law enforcement agencies
  • Engaging with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports so so as to come up with a law dealing with corruption in sports

‘Sport Integrity Unit’ would make India one of the very few countries in the world to have a committed unit set up as a part of its federal investigative agency to look into sports fraud. Presently, the US FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Australian Federal Police and some European nations only have a dedicated unit to check sports frauds.

Portal ‘Railsaver’ to Improve Energy Efficiency inn Indian Railways

Indian Railways launched a web based Electrical Energy Management System called “RAILSAVER”.


A web based Portal developed by Centre of Railway Informatics System (CRIS). The portal will furnish a perfect IT based platform for energy consumption data. This will assist in systematic collection, assimilation, interpretation and analysis of data in developing future schemes for conceptualizing, enforcing and further stepping up energy conservation attempts in Indian Railways. The portal will help Indian Railways in cutting down carbon foot print which is very crucial for dealing with the challenges of global warming.

RAILSAVER is a part of the project for “Improving Energy Efficiency in Indian Railway System” being carried out by the Indian Railways under programmatic model of UNDP via Global Environmental Facility (GEF) funding of US $ 5.2 million.

RAILSAVER conceives of specifying model for energy conservation go-aheads in Indian Railway by introduction of energy efficient technologies.