11th ASEM Summit issues Ulaanbaatar Declaration

The eleventh edition of the Asia-Europe Meeting Summit (ASEM11) or ASEM2016 has issued Ulaanbaatar Declaration.

The declaration has reaffirmed ASEM’s commitment for greater partnership through informal political dialogue and initiatives in economic and socio-cultural fields. It also has expressed its commitment for united fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

Key Features of Declaration

  • ASEM will enhance its partnership in order to meet the aspirations of the people for peace and stability, sustainable development, economic prosperity and a better quality of life.
  • It will strive to further strengthen Asia-Europe multi-dimensional and people-centered partnership.
  • It will also focus on countering terrorism, maritime security and safety, fighting piracy and armed robbery at sea, as well as drug and human trafficking.
  • ASEM will reaffirm its commitment for cyber security, cyber-crime, security of in the use of information and communication technologies.
  • It will also reaffirm upholding the purpose and principles of the UN Charter, rule of law and enforcement of international law, human rights, anti-corruption, migration, Sustainable Development and climate change.
  • ASEM will reinforce its role as a catalyst for effective multilateralism and a rules-based international order in the shifting geopolitics leading to greater uncertainties and volatility in the world.

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