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Sweden’s Volvo to invest in India

Volvo is a Swedish truck, bus and earth-moving equipment maker. Volvo is the world’s 2nd largest truck maker by revenue.

Volvo declared its plans to invest R s 3,800 Crore in India in next few years. Of imagethis amount, it will be investing Rs 1,800 Crore in a joint venture with Eicher Motors. Volvo and Eicher have a 50:50 joint venture VE Commercial Vehicles which sells Volvo brand of trucks and Eicher brand of trucks and buses.

In India, Volvo has a good presence in Bus segment.

Eicher is a commercial vehicle manufacturer in India.


Finance Minister asks RBI to issue the final guidelines for new banking licenses

imageThe Finance Minister P Chidambaram has asked RBI to finalize the guidelines for issue of new banking licenses and commence accepting applications applications from interested entities.  

But, RBI insists on amending the Banking Regulation Act before such a move.

What RBI wants?

  • RBI wants that before it issues final guidelines,  the overall Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2011 should be passed by the Parliament.
  • The Bill seeks to empower the RBI to supersede the boards of directors of banks for a period not exceeding six months, in the interest of depositors or for securing proper management of any banking company.

What Finance Minster (FM) says?

  • The Act will indeed be amended, hopefully in the winter session or at most in the Budget session.
  • As issuance of the first license would take six to eight months, RBI doesn’t need such powers immediately.
  • By the time the license is issued and the bank comes into existence and begins to function, the Act would have been amended


Madhav Chavan wins WISE Prize ‘The Nobel Prize for education’

imageDr Madhav Chavan has won the WISE Prize.

  • The WISE Prize is considered to be the "Nobel prize for Education".
  • Prize of $500,000 (£314,000)
  • In recognition for his education work in the slums of Mumbai. His efforts to provide lessons in literacy and numeracy for disadvantaged children and adults in India.

About Dr. Madhav Chavan and his NGO “PRATHAM”

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