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Current Affairs April 2013

Mahatma Gandhi among top three most admired leaders of the world: Survey

Mahatma Gandhi figures among the top three most admired leaders of the world as per a global survey of CEOs conducted by accountancy firm PwC. As part of its yearly survey, PwC recently asked 1,400 CEOs from around the world “which leaders they most admired, and what they most admired about their actions”.

The TOP 10 most admired leaders of the world:-

  1. Winston Churchill
  2. Steve Jobs
  3. Mahatma Gandhi (*Indian)
  4. Nelson Mandela
  5. Jack Welch
  6. Abraham Lincoln
  7. Margaret Thatcher (*Only woman in top-10)
  8. Ronald Reagan
  9. John F Kennedy
  10. Bill Clinton

Universal Commodity Exchange (UCX) – India’s 6th Commodity Exchange goes live

India’s 6th countrywide commodity futures trading platform — Universal Commodity Exchange (UCX) went live. The exchange has enrolled over 200 members for trading on its platform which it expects issuance of unparalleled trading code by the markets regulator the Forward Markets Commission (FMC).

  • UCX is based in Mumbai
  • Founder of UCX: Ketan Sheth

The launch of a new exchange UCX, nevertheless, is set to escalate competition among the commodity trading platforms. Interestingly, traders would gain from inter-exchange and inter-contract arbitrage chances.

The commodity futures platforms in India:


Product Types

Indian Commodity Exchange Limited (ICEX)clip_image002   Energy, Precious Metals, Base Metals, Agricultural, Fibers, Oils & Oilseed Complex, Minerals, Other Agro Products
Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)clip_image004   Bullions, Metals, Energy, Oil & Oil Seeds, Spices, Pulses, Fiber, Weather, Plantations, Other
National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)clip_image006   Plantation Products, Cereals and Pulses, Oil and Oil seeds, Fibres, Guar Complex, Spices, Soft, Metals, Precious Metals, Energy, Others
National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (NMCE)clip_image008   Oils and Seeds, Spices, Pulses, Precious Metals, Base Metals, Others
Ace Derivatives & Commodity Exchange Ltd. (ACE)clip_image010   Oil and Seeds, Pulses, Fiber, Others
Universal Commodity Exchange (UCX)clip_image012   Bullion and Metals, Energy, Agricultural

“HFLS3″ – Astronomers Discover Massive Star Factory in Universe

A giant galaxy called HFLS3 has been detected by astronomers. The galaxy is 12.8 Billion light years away from Earth and is producing stars when our universe was in its infancy. HFLS3 is so distant that the light we see from it has taken 13 billion years to get to Earth.

HFLS3 is about as gigantic as our Milky Way galaxy but produces stars at a rate 2,000 times greater and mass equivalent of 2,900 suns annually. These stars are springing from interstellar gas outstandingly rich in molecules such as carbon monoxide, ammonia and water.

HFLS3 has one of the highest star formation rates astronomers have discovered; over a thousand times faster than our own galaxy, the Milky Way, making HFLS3 a type of galaxy known as a “starburst”. As per the current theories of galaxy evolution, galaxies as massive as HFLS3 should not be present so soon after the Big Bang, but HFLS3 seems to defy this model. The distant star-forming galaxy that challenges the current theories of galaxy evolution. “HFLS3”, is forming stars at a much faster rate than should be possible according to existing predictions.

Indian "Human Computer" Shakuntala Devi passes away


World-renowned Indian prodigy mental calculator and astrologer Shakuntala Devi (83) passed away. She was known as “Human Computer”.

Shakuntala Devi was born in Bangalore, India and in her initial childhood years she worked in Circus and road-shows with her father where she displayed her amazing ability at number crunching.

She developed the concept of ‘mind dynamics’.

Shakuntala Devi later entered the field of Astrology and commenced offering astrological advice to hundreds of people, including celebrities, politicians, etc.

Some special achievements:

  • In Dallas in 1977 she gave cube root of 188138517 faster than a computer in a competition.
  • In a US University, she gave 23rd root of 201-digit number : “916748676920039158098660927585380162483106680144308622407126516427934657040867096593279205767480806790022783016354924852380335745316935111903596577547340075681688305620821016129132845564805780158806771” as 546372891 in 50 seconds and the answer to this question took a UNIVAC 1108 computer (fed with 13000 instructions) 62 seconds (12 seconds more than 50 seconds).
  • In 1980, she demonstrated the multiplication of two 13-digit numbers 7,686,369,774,870 x 2,465,099,745,779 picked at random by the Computer Department of Imperial College, London. She correctly answered 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 in 28 seconds. This event is mentioned in the 1995 Guinness Book of Records.

She also authored famous books like:

  • Puzzles to Puzzle You
  • More Puzzles to Puzzle You
  • Book of Numbers
  • Perfect Murder
  • Figuring: The Joy of Numbers
  • In the Wonderland of Numbers
  • Super Memory: It Can Be Yours
  • Mathability: Awaken the Math Genius in Your Child
  • Astrology for You
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