Places in News 2017

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110 Acre Integrated Food Park Inaugurated In Tumkur

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated a mega food park in Koravahalli village which is 25 km from 110 Acre Integrated Food Park Inaugurated In Tumkur. The park is set to be the largest of its kind in Karnataka and is expected to help farmers living within a radius of 250 kms of the park, especially in the areas of Kolar, Tumkur and Shimoga.
The food park, is being set up under a public private partnership venture with Future Group Company at a cost of Rs. 140 crores. Farmers will be able to directly sell their products to the food park. A system is envisaged wherein agri produce from surrounding areas will be sorted and graded, after which some of the produce will be sold at retail stores owned by the Future Group and the rest will be processed. The park will have a centre housing 60 medium sized units processing ready to eat products. Also, it will house pulping, milling, flouring, spice and dal units. Further, the park will also have a massive 80,000 square feet cold storage facility to store fruits and vegetables.


Integration of BSF with BISAG at Bhuj in Gujarat

Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh launched the integration of Border Security Force (BSF) with Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo Informatics (BISAG) project of Gujarat Government at BSF Camp in Bhuj, Gujarat, in order to provide for devoted, encrypted channel for the Para Military Forces.

BISAG a State level nodal agency of Gujarat will assist the usage of spatial and geo-spatial technologies for planning and developmental activities to agriculture, land and water resource management, wasteland/watershed development, forestry, disaster management, infrastructure and education. The Institute was opened in April 1997 and was formerly known as Remote Sensing and Communication Centre (RESECO) but was later re-named after the great Indian Mathematician of the 12th century, Bhaskaracharya, in December 2003.


Huge extinct volcano discovered underneath the Pacific Ocean

Scientists at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) have found a gigantic 100 million-year-old ancient extinct volcano at a depth of 4 km underwater in one of the minimum explored areas of the Pacific Ocean. It was discovered on a seafloor mapping mission, aimed at helping delineate the outer limits of the US continental shelf, near the Johnson Atoll in the Pacific. The peak of the seamount emerges 1,100 meters from the 5,100-metre-deep ocean floor.

Mr. Gardner and his team used multi-beam echo-sounder technology to create detailed images of the seafloor. The team was able to map the conical seamount in its entirety. As only low-resolution satellite data exists for most of the Earth’s seafloor, several sea-mounts of this size are not determined in the satellite data but advanced multi-beam echo-sounder missions like this one can determine their existence.

A seamount is usually made from extinct volcanoes that rise suddenly and are generally found rising from the seafloor.