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Scientists claim discovery of Zealandia a submerged continent in Pacific Ocean

Geologists have claimed discovery of new geological continent named Zealandia submerged beneath the south-west Pacific Ocean.

Zealandia is around 4.5-million square km land mass and is 94% under water. Only its highest points — New Zealand and New Caledonia are visible. 

Key Facts
  • Zealandia is two-thirds the size of Australia and spreads out over 4.9-million-square kilometres of continental crust. It was once a part of Australia.
  • It is believed that it had broken off from Antarctica about 100 million years ago, and then from Australia about 80 million years ago as part of the breakup of super-continent Gondwanaland and sank beneath sea.
  • Sea-floor samples show that Zealandia consists of light continental crust and not the dark volcanic rocks that make up nearby underwater plateaus.



February 20: World Day of Social Justice

The World Day of Social Justice is observed every year on February 20 to recognize the need to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion and unemployment.

To mark this occasion, UN and International Labour Office had organised several organisations to spread importance of social justice for people.

2017 Theme: “Preventing conflict and sustaining peace through decent work

Key Facts
  • According to UN, social justice means removal of barriers that people face in the name of ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability and culture.
  • It is an underlying principle for prosperous and peaceful coexistence within and among nations.
  • Observance of this day must support efforts of the international community in poverty eradication by promoting full employment and decent work, access to social well-being, justice for all and gender equity.

The World Day of Social Justice was instituted by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 2007 in accordance with the goals and objectives of the World Summit for Social Development and 24th session of UNGA.


February 13: World Radio Day  

The World Radio Day is observed every year on 13th February to celebrate radio as the medium for entertainment, information and the mode for communication.

2017 Theme:Radio is You”. It is a call for greater participation of audiences and communities in the policy and planning of radio broadcasting.

Significance of Day: It marks global celebration of radio as a forum for information and entertainment that helps to bridge communication gap for remote communities and empowering people. It also provides an opportunity to honour radio’s importance to bring communities together and promote positive dialogue for change.

To mark this day, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) organizes different activities with broadcasters, organizations and communities around the world.

About World Radio Day

The UNESCO at its 36th General Assembly in 2011 had proclaimed 13th February as World Radio Day. It was subsequently adopted as an International Day by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). On this day in 1946, United Nations Radio had transmitted (broadcasted) its first call sign. The first WRD was officially celebrated in 2012.