International Current Affairs 2017

China banned officials from smoking in public places

China’s ruling Communist Party issued an order to ban officials from smoking in public places or while performing official duties.

According to the circular –

  • Officials are not allowed to smoke in public places viz. schools, hospitals, offices, public transport, public venues, etc. where smoking is banned.
  • They can neither use public funds to buy cigarettes, nor are they permitted to smoke or offer cigarettes when performing official duties.
  • The sale of tobacco products and advertisements will no longer be allowed in Party and government offices.
  • Notices of smoking bans must be displayed in meeting rooms, reception offices, passageways, cafeterias and rest rooms.
  • It is an effort to cut the 1.4 million deaths linked to tobacco every year.

Note: China is the world’s largest cigarette producer and consumer, with an estimated 300 million smokers. Smoking is one of the greatest health threats, which cause death of millions of people in China.


Pakistan appoints a female judge to Sharia Court for the first time

Ms Ashraf Jehan (56) appointed as the first female judge of Shariah Court (Pakistan), which hears cases under the Islamic legislation. Ms Jehan was earlier serving as an additional judge at the high court in Sindh.

Note: The Shariah Court was established in 1980 during the rule of military dictator Ziaul Haq as part of his policy towards Islamisation of Pakistan’s institutions. It examines the country’s laws to check them for conformity with Islamic injunctions and hears appeals under religious legislation known as the “Hudood Laws”, which run parallel to the penal code.