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China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral dialogue held

China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral dialogue

China, Afghanistan and Pakistan held a trilateral dialogue to chalk out a roadmap for regional cooperation and strengthen ties with each other. This is the second such dialogue. The first dialogue was held in 2013 in Beijing.


The two day dialogue consisting of officials and experts of the three countries was organised by the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) and German agency Konrad Adeneaur Stiftung.

Issues discussed

This dialogue was conceived to act as a vital platform to strengthen communication and cooperation among the three nations. The parties involved discussed presence of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, cross-border terrorist movement, capacity of the Afghan national security forces, protection of foreign investments in Afghanistan and the role of regional countries in promoting peace, stability and security in Afghanistan and surrounding region. Protection of foreign investments was especially an issue with China, which is Afghanistan’s largest investor.

China test fires long range missile Dongfeng-31B


China test fired a new variant in its Dongfeng-31 missile range on September 25


It is a 10,000 km long range missile that is capable of targeting Europe and the West Coast of USA. It can strike with three warheads, including nuclear warheads.


This is latest variant, and an advanced form of Dongfeng-31A. This is also a long range missile with a reach of 10,000 km. However, it can carry multiple nuclear warheads, unlike Dongfeng-31A which is restricted to three.


China is also working on developing a Dongfeng-41 missile. Dongfeng-41 is expected to have a range of 12,000 km which will enable it to target all the parts of USA.

Taiwan rejects Chinese merger plan

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, had called for Taiwan’s merger with mainland China and formation of a ‘one country, two systems’ government. The Taiwanese Government’s Mainland Affairs Council has, however, rejected the plan.

Taiwan was a part of China till the Civil War of 1949, when it split from the mainland and opted for its own form of government. Taiwan is a self governed democracy. The Chinese, however, still consider Taiwan a part of China and have stopped it from exercising its sovereignty in the international arena. Significantly, Taiwan is a major buyer of arms from USA