Russia, Argentina sign agreements on economic & energy co-operation

Russia and Argentina have signed a series of framework agreements on economic and energy co-operation.

These agreements were signed following talks between Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her counterpart Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Both leaders hailed their co-operation as a comprehensive strategic partnership.

The signed agreements include

  • Russian investment in a hydroelectric plant in Argentina’s Neuquen River.
  • Russia’s Rosatom nuclear corporation to build a new reactor at Argentina’s Atucha 3 nuclear power plant.
  • Memorandum of co-operation (MoC) on defence between both nations.


Russia is eager to boost trade and economic relations with Latin American countries to offset the effects of sanctions imposed by the West over the crisis in Ukraine. While, Argentina is looking for foreign investment in order to restructure its defaulted debt because of US hedge funds.


National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology inks MoU with Snapdeal

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) on 23 April 2015 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with e-commerce giant Snapdeal to roll out digital marketing courses.

The MoU aims at helping small and medium enterprises/businesses and artisans who want to take the online route to become entrepreneurs.

Snapdeal by being a knowledge partner will provide inputs on the course and will facilitate industry interactions for the participants.

These digital marketing courses will help

  • To widen participants’ business prospects by teaching them the nuances of using online space to market and sell their products. Thus it will indirectly to eliminate the need for middlemen/brokers to sell their products.
  • Trainees understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and effectively utilise the online sales channel.

To begin with, the course will be launched in six centres across India. They are Srinagar, New Delhi, Calicut, Chennai Aurangabad and Kolkata.


NCTI inks MoU with Paytm to promote Indian MSMEs

Mobile commerce platform Paytm on 13 March 2015 inked memorandum of understanding MoU with National Centre for Trade Information (NCTI) to promote Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

As per MoU, Paytm will offer a virtual marketplace platform for NCTI members and will extend its services and enable them to sell online.

In this regard, Paytm will set up payment gateways platform for online ticketing and membership fees for NCTI.

This tie-up will play a pivotal role in the growth of MSMEs by providing them with value-added trade information generally for the trading community. It will also provide platform to NCTI members that will serve as an opportunity to trade online and scale faster.

Note- National Centre for Trade Information (NCTI) provides value added trade information for the benefit of the international trading community, especially Indian MSME’s in the form of Electronic Trading Opportunities, Live Trade Leads.