Four new fish species discovered in Kerala

Four new fish species named Puntius nelsoni, Puntius nigronotus, Systomus chryseus and Systomus rufus have been discovered in Kerala.

They were discovered by Mathews Plamoottil, a zoology professor at Baby John Memorial Government College in Kollam.

Facts about discovered species

  • Puntius nelson- Body and fins of this fish is yellowish in colour. Its head is deeper, the snout shorter and the mouth wider. It was discovered at Kallumkal in Thiruvalla, at the place where Pamba and Manimala rivers merge.
  • Puntius nigronotus- It has dorsal fin, black in colour and has more rays. Its lateral line scales are greater than its closest relatives. It was discovered at Mananthavady in the hilly Wayanad district.
  • Systomus chryseus- It is golden in colour and its pectoral fin is greatly elongated. It was discovered from Keezhvaipur near Thiruvalla.
  • Systomus rufus- Its fins are red in colour. It was discovered from Venpala, near Thiruvalla district.

All the four new species have received a Zoo bank register number from the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature (the worldwide scientific authority for naming new animals).  The new species of the genus Systomus was discovered after one-and-a-half century.

Detailed articles describing these new species have been published in international publications like Journal of Research in Biology and International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies.

35th National Games mascot Ammu the Great Hornbill in Limca Book of Records

35th National Games mascot Ammu- the Great Hornbill, has made into the Limca Book of Records.

It made into the record books owing to a play Kalikkunna Kuttikalkkayi Bharatham Kathirikkunnu (India Awaits Children Who Play) in which Ammu is featured as lead role.

According to the Limca Book’s 2015 Special Literature Edition, this play is about a mascot, which had been staged in most number of schools. By 9 April 2014, the play had been staged in 147 schools across seven districts of Kerala.

Kalikkunna Kuttikalkkayi Bharatham Kathirikkunnu is scripted and directed by theatre artist Anil Karetee and enacted by a team of police officers. It was envisaged to promote sports among children and persuade them to take up sports along with academics.

About Ammu- the Great Hornbill mascot

  • Ammu- the Great Hornbill is official mascot 35th National Games held in Kerala. Designed by Rakesh.
  • The Great Hornbill is the State bird of Kerala and was selected as the Games Mascot to reflect state’s concern for conservation of this species which is facing extinction.
  • It is also expresses Kerala’s concern to preserve its rain forests and regenerate the lost habitat of this precious bird.
  • The feminine name Ammu was chosen for the mascot as a tribute to the women of Kerala and is a reminder that Kerala is proud to have a gender ratio which is tilted in favour of women – the only State in India.

First World Ocean Science Congress concludes in Kochi

First World Ocean Science Congress (WOSC) concluded in Kochi, Kerala.

The four-day-long event had started in Kochi on 5 February 2015.

Key facts about World Ocean Science Congress (WOSC)-2015

  • Themes of WOSC-2015: Protect Oceans for Posterity and Blue Economy.
  • It was organized by Swadeshi Science Movement, Vijnana Bharati, Kerala Chapter and the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS).
  • Eminent oceanographers, environmentalists, naval exponents and maritime industrialists from across the world participated in the event.
  • First edition of  WOSC-2015  witnessed to deliberate findings on sustainable means to utilise ocean resources without causing damage to the oceans and their marine life.
  • It also witnessed presentation of 450 technical papers in 13 sessions by 86 Indian institutions and 14 foreign institutions.

Outcomes of WOSC-2015

  • A set of recommendations have been outline in the congress. These ecommendations will be submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for further guidelines.
  • Delegates of  WOSC-2015 have urged the Union Government to form a separate ministry in the fields of ocean research and fisheries research in order to bring all the agencies and institutions working on it under one roof. This separate ministry will help for the smooth implementation and management of all the government policies related to the ocean and fisheries research sectors.