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Swat activist Tabassum Adnan wins 2016 Nelson Mandela Award

Pakistani women’s rights activist from Swat valley Tabassum Adnan has won prestigious 2016 Nelson Mandela Graça Machel Innovation Award.

She won the award for the individual activist category on the concluding day of the International Civil Society Week (ICSW) held from April 25-28, 2016 in Bogota, Colombia.

With this Tabassum Adnan becomes the second woman from Pakistan’s Swat valley to win this international recognition after Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai.

About Tabassum Adnan

  • Tabassum Adnan was a victim of child marriage and was married at the age of 13.
  • The marriage was marked by frequent domestic abuse and ended after 20 years when she gathered the courage to divorce her abusive husband.
  • Later she launched NGO Khwendo Jirga (Sister’s Council), a women-only Jirga where women meet weekly to discuss issues such as honour killings, swara and acid attacks the practice of giving women as compensation for crimes.
  • In 2015, she was awarded 2015 Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award in recognition of her untiring efforts and services for women’s rights.

About Nelson Mandela Graça Machel Innovation Award

  • Established in 2004 at the CIVICUS World Assembly in Gaborone, Botswana.
  • Propose: These Awards provide seed funding for innovative ideas emerging from organisations or groups of organisations participating in the CIVICUS World Assembly.
  • Each winner gets funding value of US 5,000 dollars each and also discuss their ideas with the World Assembly participants.


Pakistan successfully test-fires anti-ship Zarb missile

Pakistan has test fired anti-ship surface to sea “Zarb” missile from the coastal areas successfully.

It hit its target in the Arabian Sea after it was fired from a strategic point located at a coastal area. The missile was formally inducted into Pakistan Navy‘s defence system soon after the test.

Key facts

  • Zarb means hit in Urdu language.
  • It is the Chinese C-602.Missile which is export version of the YJ-62.
  • The C-602 is claimed to have a range of 280 kms and weighs around 300 kg.
  • It has semi-armour-piercing warhead and GPS guidance.


The missile’s successful test is considered as an addition into Pakistani Navy’s strategic power and demonstrated its combat capabilities, combat preparedness and an important step towards further strengthen its seaward defence.


Pakistan Parliament becomes first in world to run entirely on solar power

Pakistan’s Parliament building located in national capital Islamabad became the first in the world to completely run on solar power.

It achieved this feat after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif switched on solar-powered building of the parliament in a simple ceremony.

Key facts

  • The project to run parliament building on solar power is a venture supported by Pakistan’s close ally and strategic partner China.
  • It was launched in 2015 when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited and addressed the Parliament.
  • The project was first announced in 2014 by Chinese government as an act of friendship with financial support of 55 million dollars
  • The solar panels of parliament have installed capacity 80 Mega Watts (MW) of which 62 MW is sufficient for it while remaining 18 MW will be connected to national grid.
  • It is for first time since Pakistan became independent in 1947, the parliament became self-sufficient in electricity through solar power.

Note: Currently, there some parliaments in world like Israel’s Knesset that partly run on solar power.

About Parliament of Pakistan

  • It is officially termed as Majlis-e-Shoora in Urdu.
  • It is the federal and supreme legislative body of Pakistan.
  • It is a bicameral legislature that consists of the Senate (upper house) and the National Assembly (lower houses).