Uttar Pradesh

UP government renames Sant Ravidas Nagar district to ‘Bhadohi’

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to rename Sant Ravidas Nagar district in the state as ‘Bhadohi’. This decision was taken during a meeting of the state Cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav at Lucknow.  Earlier District Magistrate had recommended renaming the district.


Sant Ravidas Nagar District was created on June 30, 1994 as the 65th district of Uttar Pradesh.  It is the smallest district by area of Uttar Pradesh. Sant Ravidas Nagar’s old name was Bhadohi. Earlier, Mayawati government had changed this district’s name from Bhadohi to Sant Ravidas Nagar. It was part of Varanasi district prior to its creation on June 30, 1994.

Uttar Pradesh becomes first state in the country to take E-governance route to provide pensions and scholarships

Uttar Pradesh has become the first State in the country to take the route of e-governance to provide pension and scholarships to 15 million beneficiaries. Besides, UP has also made commercial taxes department consumer friendly by making almost all payments and registration online.

UP is the first state to integrate the state treasury with the Centre’s Public Financial Management System (PFMS) through. In PFMS the entire pension and scholarship amount are being directly sent to the bank account of the beneficiaries. In PFMS system, the beneficiaries are also alerted about the payment through SMS.

Chhatpuja Celebrated

Chhatpuja is an ancient festival celebrated by Hindus and Jains alike. It is believed to be the only Vedic Festival dedicated to the Hindu Sun God, Surya, and Chhathi Maiya, a Vedic Goddess. The Chhat Puja is performed to thank the Sun God for sustaining life and providing energy. The worshippers request the Sun God for prosperity and progress. People also invoke Chhathi Maiya, also known as Usha in the Vedas. She is believed to be the consort or wife of the Sun God. People pray to her asking for salvation.


Worshippers pray to the Gods,  perform religious rituals and make offerings to the Gods. It is also customary to undergo a fast and bathe in the Ganges. All the rituals are observed over a span of four days. The Chhat Puja rituals find mention in the Mahabharata.

The festival is observed most diligently in Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern UP and the Terai regions of Nepal.  The day of Chhath Puja is a public holiday in Delhi.