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Matti Makkonen, Father of SMS technology passes away

Finnish telecom engineer and father of messaging service (SMS) technology Matti Makkonen passed away following serious illness. He was 63.

In 1984, he had pioneered the idea of sending messages via mobile networks but failed to patent it was merely idea and was not actual implementation.

About Matti Makkonen

  • Matti Makkonen was born on 16 April 1952 in Suomussalmi, Finland. He had graduated as an electrical engineer from the Oulu technical college in 1976.
  • He had started his career at Telecoms and Postal agency (PTL) as a systems engineer from (1976–1983). He had served as vice president of PTL and was actively involved in the development of the GSM-technology from 1984 to 1988.
  • In 1989, he was appointed as President of the mobile communication unit which was later renamed as Telecom Finland.
  • In 2008, for his work on SMS he was awarded The Economist’s Innovation Award in the computing and telecommunications category.

Interesting facts

  • The first text message was sent via the Vodafone network from a computer to a mobile device in December 1992.
  • In 1994, Nokia became first mobile manufacturer to introduce phone i.e. Nokia 2010 to write and send SMS.


Centre Party wins Parliamentary Elections of Finland, ousts incumbent PM Alexander Stubb

Finland’s opposition Centre Party has won the General Election 2015 by defeating the left-right coalition National Coalition party of incumbent Prime Minister Alexander Stubb.

With this win, Centre Party’s leader Juha Sipila, an IT millionaire and newcomer to country’s politics, is set to become Finland’s next prime minister.

In this election, Juha Sipila’s Centre Party has won 42 seats in the 200 seats of Parliament and Finns Party (formerly known as True Finns) was runner-up by winning 38 seats in parliament. While the ruling Coalition Party has won 37 seats and the Social Democratic Party got 34 seats.


In this election the Centre Party’s campaign was dominated by economic woes and had advocated wage freeze and spending cuts to regain Finland’s competitiveness. This may help to get an economic revamp that could rescue Finland which is facing economic slowdown in the past four-year.


“Favouritism” in govt judgments down; India betters its global rank

India’s global ranking in favouritism shown by government officials to powerful corporates has bettered sharply from 94th in the last year to 49th place this year. The Rank nevertheless, still remains far below other key economies. As per a yearly study by the World Economic Forum (WEF), India’s ranking has also bettered notably in terms of public trust in politicians.

Qatar ranked 1st and is followed by New Zealand, Singapore, Finland, UAE, the Netherlands, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland in top 10. 

The study says, moreover, India has bettered its position with respect to diversion of public funds and uneven payments and bribery at government institutions. In the BRICS block, India’s position is superior than that of Russia (87th), South Africa (104th) and Brazil (108th). But, it rests far below that of China (22nd).