Indian Railways to install TRI-NETRA to reduce train accidents

The Indian Railways has initiated process to launch the Terrain Imaging for Diesel Drivers- Infrared Enhanced Optical and Radar Assisted (Tri-NETRA) system to avoid train accidents.

The system will be installed on locomotives for enhancing the vision of Locomotive Pilots in inclement weather.

Key Features of Tri-NETRA system

  • The device uses infrared and radar technology to collect signals up to a distance of 2-3 km and displays the information (composite video image) on a screen fitted inside the locomotive.
  • The Tri-Netra will alert the drivers of any physical obstruction on railway tracks ahead and thus give ample time for the driver to apply the brakes to prevent train accidents.
  • It will be very useful during fog, heavy rain and nights, when drivers have to constantly look outside the locomotive to judge the condition.
  • Three components of the system: It is made of high sensitivity infra-red video camera, high-resolution optical video camera and a radar-based terrain mapping system. These three components shall act as three eyes (Tri-Netra) of the Locomotive Pilot.


  • The concept of TRI-NETRA was developed by Development Cell under the guidance of Member Mechanical, Railway Board.
  • Specifications and design of critical components of the system will be approved by the Research Designs & Standards Organisation, the railways research arm.
  • TRI-NETRA system is based on technology employed by fighter aircrafts to see through clouds and operate in pitch darkness.
  • It is also based technology used by naval ships in mapping the ocean floor and navigating in the night.

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