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Obama nominates person of Indian origin to key post

US President Barack Obama has nominated Indian-American Puneet Talwar as assistant secretary of state for political military affairs.
Talwar has served Obama’s top advisor on the Middle East region for over four years.  He is the second Indian-American to be nominated as the assistant secretary position in the state department.  In July, 2013, Nisha Desai Biswal was nominated as the assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia. Both the nominations are yet to be confirmed by the Senate. If confirmed by the Senate, Talwar, will provide policy direction in the areas of international security, security assistance, defence strategy and plans, military operations,  and defence trade.


ATMs, PoS machines to scan UID biometrics

The RBI is understood to be preparing a directive for banks to introduce additional facilities in all new credit card swipe (Point of Sales, or PoS) machines and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) for providing a mechanism for Aadhaar authentication using biometrics.

The central bank intends to have an Aadhaar-based authentication to provide additional security for card transactions. Although RBI seems to have accommodated to a combination of ‘chip and PIN’ authentication for existing customers and biometric checks for hitherto unbanked cardholders, the challenge is in the acceptance devices.

Banks are of the view that the additional facilities would significantly increase investment costs. The other challenge is that conventional phone lines may not work to transmit scanned fingerprint images for verification. As per banks, the new machines will require the equivalent of 3G data speeds to transmit biometric data.


UNCTAD forecasts India’s growth at 5.2% in 2013

As per the Trade and Development Report 2013 released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Indian economy is likely to grow at 5.2% in 2013 calendar year on account of rising domestic demand.

UNCTAD’s India growth prediction at 5.2% for 2013 is however lower than the International Monetary Fund’s forecast of 5.6% for the same period.

For China, the report projected a moderate decline to about 7.6% in 2013 from 7.8% last year.
India’s economic growth declined to a decade’s low of 5% in 2012-13 fiscal. The RBI has projected a growth rate of 5.5% for the current fiscal.

As per UNCTAD, the global growth in 2013 is likely to marginally drop to 2.1% from 2.2% in 2011 and added that developing countries would be affected by slowdown in developed nations.