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China successfully tests 5th generation Long March carrier rocket

China has successfully tested the power system of Long March-5, a fifth generation of carrier rocket belonging to China’s Long March family of rockets. This announcement was after Long March-5 rocket carrier, entered a runoff phase. Facts about Long March- 5th Generation Long March-5 has the carrying capacity twice of the payload compared to other present… Read More »


WTO members reach landmark $1.3 trillion IT trade deal to cut tariffs

World Trade Organisation (WTO) members reached a landmark Information Technology (IT) trade deal in order to add more than 200 products to the list dealing with zero-tariff and duty-free trade. In this agreement, products covered will include new-generation semi-conductors, medical products which include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, GPS navigation systems, machine tools for manufacturing… Read More »


Tunisia’s Parliament adopts New Anti-terror Law

Tunisia’s Parliament has adopted a new anti-terror law, which seeks to counter the threat posed by militants especially jihadist threat. The law was adopted overwhelmingly by 174 members of parliament with ten abstentions and no votes against the bill. Under the new anti-terror law, Those convicted of terrorism in Tunisia will face the death penalty… Read More »