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Hockey to become 60-minute game from Sept. 1, 2014

To make hockey exciting and viewer-friendly, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) introduced major changes in the structure of the sport viz. reduced the 70-minute game to 60 minutes, comprising four 15-minute quarters instead of two 35-minute halves. After the first and third quarters there will be a two-minute break while the existing 10-minute half-time will remain unchanged.

New format of Hockey

  • Purpose: To improve the flow and intensity of hockey, increase fan experience and provide more time for game presentation and analysis.
  • Played in 4-quarter format.
  • Match duration: 60 minutes 4 quarters: Each quarter will be of 15 minutes.
  • 40 sec timeout: After penalty corner awarded and after a goal scored.
  • Two-minute breaks: After the first and third quarters. The existing 10-minute half time will remain unchanged.
  • Commentators will be allowed more time to provide analysis between plays.
  • Additionally, coaches and players will see improvement in their performance with the additional opportunities to re-hydrate and re-strategise.
  • The new regulations will come into effect from September 1, 2014.
  • Will be used in the upcoming Champions Trophy, World League Round 2, World League Semi-Final and Final, all continental Olympic qualifying events as well as the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The new format would make the game faster and more exciting while allowing organizers and broadcasters to develop more engaging fan experiences, both at the venue, on TV and online.

Note: The four-quarter model has been tried and implemented by both the Euro Hockey League and the Hockey India League.


Hockey India (HI) accorded status of National Sports Federation (NSF) status

Screenshot_6Hockey India (HI) has accorded with the status of a National Sports Federation (NSF) for governing the sport of hockey (both men and women) in India. It will represent India in International events.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports declared Hockey India as the sole body responsible and accountable for the overall management, direction, control, regulation, promotion and development of the sports discipline in India.
Hockey India will have to follow the guidelines of the Government and National Sports Development Code to get assistance and continued recognition.

How Hockey India got National Sports Federation (NSF) status?

To be recognized as a National Sports Federation, any institution or body needs to be recognized by its international body.

  • Hockey India’s recognition was mandatory by International Hockey Federation (FIH), as well as the Indian Olympic Association (IOA).
  • Since 2009, HI has fulfilled both the criteria as the FIH, Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) and IOA have considered it as the sole body responsible for the governance of the game in India.
  • Since 2012, HI and FIH have jointly organized major tournaments viz. the FIH Olympic Qualifiers, FIH World League Round 2, FIH Junior Men World Cup and FIH World League Round Final in India.
  • HI has also been conducting nationals in all the categories since 2011.

Note: Earlier, the Sports Ministry had derecognized it for not adhering to government guidelines.