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Bilateral Exercise SIMBEX-17 between Indian & Republic Of Singapore Navy Commences

The 24th bilateral exercise involving Indian Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy has commenced in South China Sea. SIMBEX stands for “Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercises“. The exercise will be held from May 18, 2017 to May 24, 2017.

This edition of the bilateral exercise aims at increasing the interoperability among the two navies as well as developing a common understanding and procedures among the two navies for maritime security operations. The major thrust of the exercise will lie on Anti-Submarine Operations (ASN), integrated operations with Surface, Air and Sub-surface Forces, Air Defence and Surface Encounter Exercises.

The exercise would be conducted into two phases-the Harbour Phase and the Sea Phase. The Indian Navy will be represented by Indian Naval Ships Shivalik, Sahyadri, Jyoti and Kamorta, one P8-I Maritime Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft. INS Sahyadri and INS Shivalik are both multi-role stealth frigates. INS Kamorta is an indigenous Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvette. lNS Jyoti is the fleet replenishment tanker. P 8I Maritime Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft is a long Range Maritime Reconnaissance Anti- Submarine (LRMRASW) aircraft.
The Singapore Navy will be represented by naval ships Supreme, Formidable and Victory, Maritime Patrol Aircraft Fokker F50 as well as RSAF F-16 aircraft.


The Indian & Republic of Singapore Navy began participating in the bilateral exercises in 1994. Since then the two navies share a long standing relationship with regular professional interactions that include exchange programs, staff talks and training courses. The earlier edition of the bilateral exercise, SIMBEX-16 was held  at Visakhapatnam in Bay of Bengal.


Indian Scientist Shrinivas Kulkarni Wins Prestigious Dan David Prize

Indian scientist Shrinivas Kulkarni has won the prestigious Dan David prize as a recognition for his contributions made in the field of astronomy.

Shrinivas Kulkarni, a professor of astrophysics and planetary science at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, is a pioneer in the field of time-domain astrophysics. He has been credited for building and conducting the Palomar Transient Factory, which is a large-area survey of the night sky that has turned up with thousands of stellar explosions.

Shrinivas kulkarni would share the award with Andrej Udalski of the University of Warsaw and Neil Gehrels of NASA for their discoveries on time-domain astrophysics in the “Future” category of the prize.

With this award, Shrinivas Kulkarni will join other prominent Indians who have won the Dan David prize like noted author Amitav Ghosh, music conductor Zubin Mehta and renowned chemist CNR Rao.

Dan David Prize

The Dan David Foundation was established in 2000 by the late Dan David, an international businessman and philanthropist. Three Dan David prizes of $1 million each are awarded each year in the categories of “Past,” “Present” and “Future” to people who have made exemplary contributions to humanity in the field of sciences, humanities, or for their work in civil society. 

The recipients in the “Past” category are chosen from the field of history, archaeology, paleontology, biography, etc;.

The recipients in the “Present” category are chosen from arts, media, policy, economics, etc.

The recipients in the “Future” category are chosen  from one of the exact or natural sciences.

The prize mandates the laureates to donate 10% of their prize money to provide scholarships for graduate or post-graduate researchers in their respective fields.


Purnima Devi Burman and Sanjay Gubbi Wins Prestigious Whitley Awards

Sanjay Gubbi of Karnataka and Purnima Barman of Assam have won the prestigious Whitley Award for their contributions in wildlife conservation. Whitley awards are popularly known as Green Oscars. The two Indians were among the six selected out of 169 applicants from 66 countries.

Purnima Devi Burman has been selected for her efforts  for the conservation of greater adjutant storks and its habitat. She created an all female network in three villages of Kamrup district to save the adjutant storks and their habitats. The global population of adjutant storks is 1200-1800. Around 800 of them are found in Assam and 150 in Bihar.

Sanjay Gubbi has been selected for his contribution to protect tiger corridors in Karnataka. Gubbi who is wildlife biologist and scientist works with the Mysuru-based Nature Conservation Foundation. Gubbi is also a member of the State Board for Wildlife and works actively to mitigate conflict issues. In 2012, he was instrumental in securing the largest expansion of protected areas in India since 1970. He helped to increase the size of protected areas in Karnataka by 37%.

Whitley Awards

Whitley Awards are instituted by the U.K.-registered charity Whitley Fund for Nature. These awards are given annually to recognise national and regional conservationists and supports them in their endeavour to conserve wildlife and nature. The awards are worth £35,000 and particularly seeks to recognise wildlife conservationists from outside the developed world.