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Mouamba Clement appointed as Prime Minister of Congo

Congo’s President Denis Sassou Nguesso has appointed Mouamba Clement as the new Prime Minister of the central African country. With this appointment, Clement will be responsible for forming a new government in accordance with the 2015 constitution in consultation with the President. His appointment comes a month after Sassou Nguesso was elected as President for… Read More »


India tops new Global Slavery Index

“Global Slavery Index” published by the Australia-based Walk Free Foundation, ranked India first in terms of number of modern day slaves in the world. The index has ranked 162 countries based on 3 factors:- Estimated prevalence of modern slavery (including practices such as debt bondage, etc.) A measure of child marriage (including forced marriage) A measure of human trafficking in… Read More »


By 2028, India to become most populous nation: UN report

As per the latest report titled World Population Prospects — The 2012 Revision, released by the United Nations, India will become the most populous country in the world by 2028, surpassing China, while Nigeria will have more people than the United States by 2050. As per the Report projections: World population which is 7.2 billion… Read More »


Global Peace Index 2013: India ranks 141 of 162 countries

The Global Peace Index (GPI) that measured peace in 162 countries ranked India at 141st position for year 2013.  To prepare the Index, 22 qualitative and quantitative indicators of the absence and fear of violence were used. Where did India fall short? The main indicators that deteriorated India’s ranking are militarisation, domestic and international conflicts, and corruption.… Read More »