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Suresh Reddy to be first Indian Ambassador to ASEAN

Suresh Reddy has been appointed as a full-time envoy for ASEAN. Reddy is at present ambassador in Iraq and has been given credit for swinging about the Indo-Iraqi links. The Indian mission would be based out of Jakarta (Indonesia), which houses the ASEAN secretariat.

Even as the ASEAN has been storm-tossed by territorial worries with China and the future of the regional grouping seems uncertain, India has firmly adhered to its “centrality” by  taken an ASEAN-centric approach on the subject of the territorial claims in the South China Sea .

The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh recently at the East Asia Summit (EAS) at Brunei, elucidated stating that “stable maritime environment is essential for meeting the common developmental aspirations of countries in the South and South East Asian region“.


Cabinet approved FTA in trade and services with ASEAN

The Cabinet approved a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in trade and services with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Objective: To promote the movement of Indian professionals in the 10-nation ASEAN. The Agreement on Investment would protect, promote and increase foreign investment flows into the country and also removes and barriers.

Note: The Comprehensive Economic Cooperation (CECA) between India and ASEAN was signed in 2003. The Cabinet approved the Agreement on Trade Goods under the CECA with the ASEAN in July 2009.