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India, Russia sign 11 MoIs for higher academic cooperation

The Institutions of higher learning in India and Russia have signed 11 Memorandum of Intents (MoIs) to establish the Network of Institutions of Higher Education.

As per MoIs, leading Russian and Indian Academic Institutes will combine their efforts to train highly qualified staff for innovative economy and expand scientific, technical and technological cooperation.

The establishment of a network of Indian and Russian Universities will facilitate establishment of more institutional linkages, including exchanges of faculty, researchers and students, joint research activities and scientific conferences and symposia.

Among those that signed the memorandum from Indian side were IIT Bombay, Madras and Delhi and also University of Delhi, Indian Statistical Institute and Institution of Engineers.

A cooperation agreement was also signed between the Department of Science & Technology in India and Russian Science Foundation, which will offer another platform for supporting joint research projects.

By singing these MoIs with Russia, India seeks to accelerate her economic growth and development through a strong emphasis on technology and innovation.


Microsoft launches Edu-Cloud with aim to Make Learning Fun

Information technology giant, Microsoft has launched a cloud computing-based offering Edu-Cloud with an aim to Make Learning Fun.

It seeks to enhance digital learning and teaching in schools and higher education institutions in India through virtual learning platforms.

Edu-Cloud by with the help of cloud computing technology will create, deliver and manage educational content from any device, anywhere, anytime in order to make learning easy and fun.

It is expected, Edu-Cloud will benefit around 1 million teachers and 6 million students in over 1,500 institutes across India in next 18 months.

Initially the company will tie-up with the Hyderabad based Chaitanya group of educational institutions which will adopt Edu-Cloud for its teachers and students in its 80 schools.

Teachers and students of these schools will use Microsoft’s Windows-powered tablets in order to access rich, interactive and relevant content from cloud to make learning and teaching more engaging and productive.