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Marijuana becomes legal in Colorado

The US State of Colorado became the first state to legally sell marijuana and open the retail spots for pot.

About Marijuana
  • Marijuana is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of Cannabis sativa – the hemp plant. Most people smoke marijuana, though it can also be used in other forms such as edibles, powders and oils.
  • In Colorado, both medical and recreational marijuana are legal. The drug used for controlling pain for medical issues, like cancer, nervous system diseases, glaucoma, migraines, etc and also used to treat nausea and improve appetites for people with HIV or other chronic illnesses.
  • Research shows that daily use of marijuana during adolescent years results in impaired learning, memory and decreased IQ.
The health effects of marijuana use
  • Short term effect – it can lead to a rapid heart rate, increase blood pressure, red eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite and slowed reaction time.

Long-term effect- impaired thinking, memory problems, panic attacks and other psychological issues. There have also been studies showing a weakened immune system and, for those who smoke the drug, impaired lung function.


China banned officials from smoking in public places

China’s ruling Communist Party issued an order to ban officials from smoking in public places or while performing official duties.

According to the circular –

  • Officials are not allowed to smoke in public places viz. schools, hospitals, offices, public transport, public venues, etc. where smoking is banned.
  • They can neither use public funds to buy cigarettes, nor are they permitted to smoke or offer cigarettes when performing official duties.
  • The sale of tobacco products and advertisements will no longer be allowed in Party and government offices.
  • Notices of smoking bans must be displayed in meeting rooms, reception offices, passageways, cafeterias and rest rooms.
  • It is an effort to cut the 1.4 million deaths linked to tobacco every year.

Note: China is the world’s largest cigarette producer and consumer, with an estimated 300 million smokers. Smoking is one of the greatest health threats, which cause death of millions of people in China.


Australian school introduces world’s first standing classroom to combat childhood obesity

As part of a novel experiment, Mont Albert Primary School in Australia has launched the world’s first standing classroom which aims to combat the menace of childhood obesity. In this experiment being conducted by  the researchers of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, a grade six class at this school has been fitted with height-adjustable desks to allow the student to sit or stand.

The researchers will monitor the standing students with an objective to know if being upright can improve their health, fitness, learning and memory. Pupils will also be fitted with devices to measure how long they spend sitting, with lesson plans revised to reduce the time students are idle.

Why this experiment?

As per scientists, prolonged sitting during the school hours poses health risk by contributing to obesity in students as during these hours children perform less physical activity. Earlier studies have shown students spent two-thirds of a school day sitting, and long hours of childhood sitting can contribute to the onset of such diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

In this experiment in which students are required to attend school hours standing they will  engage more muscles that are likely to be of great benefit for keeping the blood flowing throughout their body and reducing the level of fatigue. If researchers find this exercise beneficial for the cardiovascular health, learning and memory of the standing students compared to a traditional class, this pilot study would be expanded to a much larger trial to find if it can make an impact on lessons across Australia.