India-Ghana Current Affairs

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India, Ghana sign three agreements

India and Ghana have signed three bilateral agreements to strengthen co-operation in varied fields.

These agreements were signed after delegation level talks between President Pranab Mukherjee and his Ghanaian counterpart John Dramani Mahama in Accra.

The signed agreements include one for visa waivers for holders of diplomatic and official passports and one for setting up a Joint Commission.

Civil Nuclear Cooperation

  • During the delegation level talks between Indian President and his Ghanaian counterpart, the African country has sought India’s civil nuclear cooperation to reduce its dependence on traditional energy sources.

President’s 3 African countries tour

  • Ghana is the first country visited by the President during the six-day three countries tour as part of India’s agenda of deepening ties with the African countries. The other two African countries include Ivory Coast and Namibia.
  • It should be noted that this is the first visit of any Indian President to Ghana and Ivory Coast whereas to Namibia, such official visit comes after two decades.

India-Ghana Relations

  • India is the largest foreign investor in Ghana with more than 700 projects. Most of these projects are in the manufacturing sector.
  • In recent times, bilateral trade between India and Ghana has increased to 1.2 billion dollars from 538 million dollars in 2010.
  • Ghana’s main trade with India mainly consists of gold exports which accounts for nearly 80% of total trade. Ghanaian gold is in great demand in India.
  • Ghana also has a very prosperous Indian-origin community, roughly around 10,000. Of this population 7,000 have Indian passports with some families arriving here as early as 1920’s.


Ghana’s proposal of land to Punjab farmers accepted by Punjab Government

The Punjab Government has agreed to the Ghana Government’s proposal offering land to Punjab farmers. As per the proposal, the government of Ghana would provide fertile farmland on a long-term lease to Punjab farmers for farm activities. Ghana has made this proposal to promote agriculture as a tool of progress in Ghana and if possible then by Punjab’s expertise in farming.

Punjab Government has assured Ghana that a high-level delegation of officers as well as an expert from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, would be sent to Ghana to study the suitability of the entire project.

Ghana also offered Punjab to export finished goods to Ghana. It has invited Punjabi entrepreneurs to visit Ghana to start manufacturing facilities in the country and take advantage of Ghana’s natural resources like various minerals, timber, oil, cocoa, palm oil fish and cotton.


Indian firm VNL’s solar-powered ‘WorldGSM’ mobile tower architecture launched in Ghana to deliver affordable services in villages

The Indian telecom equipment-maker, Vihaan Networks Ltd (VNL) launched its’ solar-powered ‘WorldGSM’ mobile tower architecture, an environment-friendly and cost-effective mobile system, to deliver affordable services in villages.

Objective: To promote access to electronic services viz. broadcasting, the Internet, multimedia service and basic telephony in unserved areas of rural Ghana

This innovative green mobile tower solution is very useful in Africa, particularly in villages and remote locations. 

About Vihaan Networks Ltd (VNL)

  • Objective: To provide mobile services to rural communities in the developing world.
  • Founded: 2005.
  • Based in Gurgaon, India and Kista, Sweden.
  • Provide eco-friendly, cost-effective service in villages.
  • Their WorldGSM technology is the first micro-telecom application, a complete GSM system optimized for the massive rural opportunity. 

Note: WorldGSM runs exclusively on solar power and requires no diesel generator backup. It is also designed for simple delivery and deployment by local, untrained workers – all resulting in zero OPEX, dramatically lower CAPEX, and near zero maintenance.