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Mobile App “Celebrating Yoga” Launched

Minister for Science & Technology Dr. Harshvardhan has launched a Mobile App “Celebrating Yoga”. The Mobile App has been developed by Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology on the occasion of International  Yoga Day 2017. The aim of the app is to popularise Yoga and encourage people to practice yoga for a scientifically healthy living.

In 2015, the Department of Science & Technology (DST) had also launched a research programme “Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation (SATYAM)” under its Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI).

Salient Highlights

Celebrating Yoga App provides a platform to share information and create awareness into the participation of yoga events on the occasion of the International Yoga Day 2017.

The mobile app will help in capturing mass yoga events being organised in public places, schools and office complexes across the country.

The app will be connected with Google Map where shared information can be viewed by the app users.The information gathered by the mobile app will be shared with the  Ministry of AYUSH to complement their efforts.

The information gathered by the mobile app will be shared with the  Ministry of AYUSH to complement its efforts.


9th International Regulatory Cooperation for Herbal Medicines Meeting begins in New Delhi

The 9th Annual Meeting of International Regulatory Cooperation for Herbal Medicines (IRCH) was inaugurated in New Delhi.

It has been organised by the Union Ministry of AYUSH and was inaugurated by Minister of State (MoS) for AYUSH Sripad Naik.

In this meeting 19 member countries of IRCH with 36 delegates including experts from WHO are participating. The event would be utilized to show case AYUSH strength to these countries.

About International Regulatory Cooperation for Herbal Medicines (IRCH)

  • IRCH is a global network of regulatory authorities created by World Health Organization (WHO) responsible for regulation of herbal medicines. It was established in 2006.
  • Its mission is to protect and promote public health and safety through improved regulation for herbal medicines. India is member of IRCH network since 2007.
  • Objectives of IRCH: Globally promote and facilitate the safe use of herbal medicines, through regional initiatives, sharing information and fostering dialogue.
  • Facilitate and strengthen cooperation between national regulatory authorities by sharing experience, knowledge and information related to regulation, efficacy, quality and safety of herbal medicines.
  • Discuss existing standards and requirements to promote the efficacy, quality and safety of herbal medicines.
  • Recommend future activities to WHO related to the quality and safety of herbal medicines;
  • Refer issues to the International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities and other bodies, where ever needed related to the quality herbal medicines.
  • Goals of IRCH: Development of a process that addresses and resolves questions related to the regulation and safe use of herbal medicines;
  • Establish communication network that fosters dialogue on the regulation and safe use of herbal medicines among the IRCH members.
  • Develop efficient links between National Drug Regulatory Authorities and information focal points among the IRCH member countries through WHO.


Union Ministry of AYUSH releases Yog Geet for 2016 International Yoga Day

The Union Ministry of AYUSH Ministry has released a Yog Geet (Yoga song) for celebrating the second International Yoga Day on 21 June 2016.

The Yoga song was selected from the 1,000 entries were received through a national-level competition organised by the AYUSH Ministry.

Facts about Yog Geet

  • It is the three-minute-15-seconds song in Hindi short-listed based on the better lyrics.
  • It has been produce and written by Dheeraj Saraswat. Music Director of the song was Sumanto Ray.
  • It has been voiced by Gandhar T. D. Jadhav and Ms. Gatha Jadhav. The song also has backup vocals of Santosh Kshatriya and Sumanto Ray.


  • The AYUSH Ministry had organised National level competition for selection of a Yog Geet as part of celebration of 2nd International Yoga Day. About 1,000 entries were received in this competition.
  • The Ministry had short-listed 19 songs based on criteria laid down by it for selection of song and considering the relevance of the song on the recommendations of Committee constituted for the selection of the Yog geet.
  • Further these short-listed songs were referred to the Committee OF Yoga Experts constituted for the celebration of 2016 International Yoga Day under the chairmanship of Dr. H. R. Nagendra.