2012 Current Affairs

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World’s oldest woman dies at 116

imageThe oldest person on this earth Besse Cooper passed away at the age of 116. She was from Georgia. In 2011, she was chosen as the world’s oldest woman by the Guinness World Records.

After her death, the title now belongs to 115-year-old “Dina Manfredini”, of Johnston, Iowa.

“Jeanne Calment” of France is the oldest known person of all time who lived to be 122 years old and died in 1997.


Bifurcation of News Corp, Indian to be the CFO

News Corp would undergo a restructure of the top management of the company. The company has decided that the top management would split into the two publically traded firms. The bifurcation would separate newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post and The Times of London from the fast-growing entertainment unit. Thus there would be one publishing company whose CEO would be Dow Jones editor-in-chief as well as the managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, Robert Thomson. The other, named as Fox Group, will be the entertainment and media company. An Indian, Bedi Ajay Singh, who had recently also been at the designation of President, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer for MGM Studios would be given the role of Chief Financial Officer at the new publishing company.