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9 agricultural products from north-east India accorded GI registration tag

Nine organic and exotic agricultural products from Northeast India were accorded geographical indication (GI) registration tag. GI tag will help to protect these exclusive special local crops and pave way for better branding and marketing of these products both in domestic and international Market. Geographical Indication (GI) accorded products are Assam Karbi Anglong Ginger. Assam… Read More »


3000 houses handed over to Sikkim Earthquake affected under REDRH scheme

After a prolonged delay, 3000 houses in rural areas have been completely built under Sikkim’s REDRH scheme. REDRH REDRH scheme refers to the Reconstruction of Earthquake Damaged Rural Houses project. This project was sanctioned under the PM’s Special Package after the Sikkim earthquake. A total of 7,972 houses have been sanctioned under the scheme by… Read More »


China inaugurates new Tibet rail link near Sikkim border

China opened its second railway line in Tibet, constructed at a cost of $ 2.16 billion, close to Indian border in Sikkim. The rail link will make efficient mobility of its military in the remote and strategic Himalayan region. The railway line stretched over 253 km connects Tibet’s provincial capital Lhasa with Xigaze, the second-largest… Read More »


Sikkim becomes most favoured destination of foreign tourists in northeast India

Foreign tourists visiting the north-eastern (NE) states of India are choosing Sikkim as their most favored destination in NE region of the country. As per figures released by the Tourism Ministry, while the state received 23,602 tourists in 2011, it was 26,489 in 2012 and 31,698 in 2013 respectively. Sikkim is followed by Arunachal Pradesh, Assam,… Read More »


Sikkim government reserves 12% jobs for BPL

As per an announcement made by the Sikkim government, there will be 12% reservation in all state government jobs and posts in public sector undertakings for candidates living Below Poverty Line (BPL). Only those BPL persons who are of Sikkimese origin will be eligible for this 12% “horizontal reservation”. As per the latest data released… Read More »