320 Mahila Suraksha Dals will soon be functional in Delhi

With a view to enhance the safety of women and girls in Delhi, 320 Mahila Suraksha Dals (MSDs) will soon be made functional. As a pilot program, one MSD each in all 11 districts in Delhi will be inaugurated on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

According to the framework of Mahila Suraksha Dal Project designed by Coordinator MSD Group, it has been proposed that instead of setting up new parallel structures, Awaaz Uthao Project initiated by the Delhi Government which addresses women safety issues, will be rechristened as Mahila Suraksha Dal and Awaaz Uthao groups will be further strengthened both in terms of composition and functioning.

Under this program, Collectives/MSDs will work at the grassroots level to look into the issues of women safety at public place and support women in distress. These MSDs will have retired army personnel, representatives from the local community (both men and women) local NGO representatives/ RWA/MTA as its members.



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