4th India International Science Festival-2018 held in Lucknow

The fourth India International Science Festival 2018 (IISF 2018) will be held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh from October 5 to 8, 2018. It is being organized by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences in association with Vijnana Bharati at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Lucknow. This is for first time ISSF being organized in Uttar Pradesh. It was inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind. The theme of this edition of the Science Festival is “Science for Transformation“.

Key Facts

More than 8,000 delegates from across the country will take part in the fourth edition this mega science expo. About 800 women scientists and entrepreneurs are expected to take part in it. At this event, attempt will be made by about 500 students to isolate DNA. As part of the event, “science village” will be set up at National Botanical Garden in Lucknow where people will get to know about the progress of science.

India International Science Festival (IISF)

IISF is conceivably biggest platform in India that brings together students, researchers, artists and general public to celebrate nation’s achievements in science and technology. It serves as a medium to encourage young minds towards field of science and to promote networking of stakeholders working towards the propagation of science. The 1st IISF was held at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) New Delhi in December, 2015. The 2nd IISF was held at CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi in December, 2016 and 3rd was held in October 2017, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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  • Dr. Martha N. Reddy

    It’s indeed great to have such Science Festivals in different parts of India to propagate the scientific temper for leading progressive life for every citizen. Logical and rational thinking at the time of taking every decision in the life will ensure them positive results and protects them falling as prey in the hands of unscrupulous and antisocial elements. I congratulate the govt for such initiates