UN adopts resolution to resolve political & security crisis in Yemen

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has adopted a unanimous resolution to resolve the political and security crisis in Yemen.

In this regard, Resolution 2201 (2015) was adopted unanimously, at 15 nations UNSC’s emergency meeting.

UNSC in its adopted resolution has asked for immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Shia Houthi rebel forces from Yemen’s government institutions in its capital Sanaa.

It also has sought the release of President Mansour Hadi and his Cabinet from house arrest, and urged Houthi rebels to engage in good faith in U.N.- led peace talks.


The UN resolution comes a day after foreign ministers of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) had urged the U.N. to intervene in order to maintain regional security.

The security situation in Yemen deteriorated after the Shia Houthis rebels had seized power by dissolving Yemen’s government and parliament in January 2015 after taking control of key government buildings in capital Sanaa including Presidential Palace.

Amidst security concerns, nine Arab and Western countries have closed their embassies in Yemen and evacuated diplomats. It include’s countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Italy.



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