After 2 Years of Completion of Gurupriya Bridge, Odisha’s Swabhiman Anchal gets First-Ever Bus Service

The first-ever Bus Service in history was started on 10th July 2020 for the people of Swabhiman Anchal (located in Malkangiri district of Odisha).

The Bus Service was flagged off by MLA of the Chitrakonda Vidhan Sabha constituency. The bus will be operated by Odisha Government’s-Odisha State Road Transport Corporation (OSRTC). At 9 am from Malkangiri (District Headquarter) the bus will leave for Jodamba (in Swabhiman Anchal) every day, the return bus will leave Jodamba at 6 pm every day. The distance between Malkangiri and Jodamba is 190 Km.

Swabhiman Anchal

Surrounded by water on three sides, Swabhiman Anchal was generally known as a Maoist hub for decades. As per records, between 2008 to 2020- 332 attacks have been carried out by Maoists on civilians and the Security Personnel.

The fourth side of the Swabhiman Anchal had an inhospitable terrain through which the movement of two-wheelers was also not recommendable. Horses were used through the fourth side to reach the Swabhiman Anchal.

Normalcy in the area was achieved only after the completion of the Gurupriya bridge. Until the bridge was constructed, the only modes of transportation with the Swabhiman Anchal region were motor launches or boats.

 Gurupriya Bridge

The construction of the 910-meter long Gurupriya bridge began in the year 1986 and was inaugurated after 32 years on 26th July 2018. The Gurupriya bridge is on the Janbai river.

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