“An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradiction” – A book by Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen released

In their book  “An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradiction”, Amratya Sen along with Jean Drèze, have presented a view of the conditions of contemporary India with a collection of the wealth of revealing data. The book presents the booming maintenance of the world’s largest democracy and achievements of India since independence. They have also discussed about the prevalent flaws in the development strategy of the nation. Major focus is over the role of human capabilities  as an end in them and as a means of further progress.

About the Authors
Jean Drèze

  • An Indian citizen since 2002 and lives in India since then
  • Taught at the London School of Economics (LSE) and the Delhi School of Economics (DSE).
  • Currently a visiting Professor at Allahabad University.
  • Co-authored Amartya Sen in books named “Hunger and Public Action” and “India: Development and Participation”
  • Co-author of the Public Report on Basic Education in India
Amaryta Sen
  • An Indian economist and philosopher
  • Wn Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences in 1998 for making contribution to welfare economics and social choice theory
  • A professor at Thomas W. Lamont University
  • A Professor of Philosophy and Economics, at Harvard University.
  • Some of the books authored by him include:
  •  The Argumentative IndianInequality reexamined

    The Idea of Justice

    Poverty and Famines

    Commodities and Capabilities

    Hunger and Republic Action

    Development as Freedom

    Choice, Welfare and Measurement

    Rationality and Freedom

    Identity and Violence the illusion of Destiny



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