ANASIS II: First-ever military satellite of South Korea

South Korea recently launched its first ever military satellite to defend itself against nuclear armed North Korea. The satellite has been named “ANASIS II”


The ANASIS II of South Korea was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, US in a Falcon 9 rocket. The satellite is to be placed at an orbit of 36,000 km. It will take two weeks for the rocket to reach the orbit.


The launch of ANASIS II has made South Korea the 10 country in the world to have its own military communication satellite. The satellite will help to increase South Korean military independent operational capabilities.

South Korea shares a deep security ties with the United States. Over 28,500 US troops have been stationed in the country.

Role of SpaceX

The rocket was launched by SpaceX of the US. This is the twelfth launch of SpaceX in 2020.


The Korean Conflict, between the North and South Korea goes back to world war II. At the end of World war II, Korea was divided by the world powers. North Korea was backed by USSR and South Korea by US and its western allies.