Ankita Anand wins 2015 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

Delhi-based Journalist-writer Ankita Anand has won the prestigious Lorenzo Natali Media Prize for 2015 under Asia and the Pacific–Amateur category.

She was selected for this award for her article ‘Stirrings beneath the peepul’ published in the journal The Equator Linel. In this article she had portrayed of life for young women facing the threat of khap panchayats (parallel quasi-judicial bodies) in Haryana.

About Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

  • The prize was instituted by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development in 1992.
  • It has been named in the memory of former European Commissioner for Economic Cooperation and Development and Enlargement Lorenzo Natali.
  • It was launched under the motto ‘Today’s stories can change our tomorrow’ and carries a trophy and a money prize of 5000 euros.
  • It is awarded to media articles, blogs and broadcasts that mainly focus on development and poverty eradication.



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  • Latika

    such awareness must be spread in India and I appreciate and give congratulation to her for her work.