Annual exercise TROPEX 2015 of Indian Navy concludes

Indian Navy’s Theatre Level Readiness and Operational Exercise (TROPEX) exercise concluded on 27 February 2015.

TROPEX-2015  was a month long exercise aimed at validating the Indian Navy’s Concept of Operations and the area of operations spanned the Arabian Sea and Northern Indian Ocean. It also encompassed all dimensions of maritime warfare.

Key facts about TROPEX-2015

  • In TROPEX-2015, around 50 ships and submarines, along with 70 aircrafts from the three Naval Commands participated. It also saw the participation of units from the India Air Force and the Indian Coast Guard.
  • In the month long exercise, Indian Navy had deployed two Carrier Task Forces simultaneously at sea. It saw participation of both INS Viraat and INS Vikramaditya with their integral flights in an operational scenario.
  • TROPEX 2015 also saw extensive deployment of the nuclear submarine INS Chakra, the recently inducted P8I Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft.
  • Recently commissioned guided missile destroyer Kolkata and Anti-Submarine Warfare corvette Kamorta also took part in it.
  • TROPEX-15 provided a reinforce platform for Indian Navy’s offensive capabilities across all dimensions. It also included Network Centric Operations (NCO) by using indigenous satellite Rukmani.
  • It also provided, Navy platform for its Op Logistics capability to effectively sustain Fleet Operations for extended period’s at large distances.