Bihar Assembly passes Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Bill, 2015

Bihar Assembly has passed Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Bill, 2015. It was passed by a voice vote.

The bill seeks to empower people of state and provide legal rights to them for redressal of their complaints within a time-frame.

Key provisions of Bill

  • Duty-bound binding rules on government servants to dispose grievances of the people in a time-bound manner.
  • Failure to do so it time will amount to misconduct for which errant officials could be dismissed from service.
  • Powers in this regard is vested on the Public Grievance Redressal Officer and the first and second Appellate Authorities to deal with delayed grievances cases.
  • In case of on failure to hear and redress grievances, penalty ranging from 500 to 5,000 rupees will be imposed on the government servants.



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  • C M Jha

    On behalf of upbhokta sanrakshan samiti Madhubani i congratulate the Hon’ble Chief minister ,Bihar Sri Nitish Kumar to frame public grievance redressal billal -2015 . The law will be very useful for the commoners

  • S.C.Verma, B.F.S.(Retd)

    Hon’ble Sir,
    A lot of thanks for enacting and framing public grievance redressal bill -2015 . The law will be very useful for the commoners but I fear the present English type BABU hierarchy will never allow to be successful.Starting from dealing clerk to the Ministers, every officers are comparing their salary package like Private sectors effectiveness of short hierarchy and honest working like them.The majority of the officers never go through the content of grievances and blindly put their signature on notes of subordinates.. The lower hierarchy up to Dy . Secretary, who knows how to raise irrelevant queries and objections till their own grievances are redressed even in case of issuing pay slips to very old and in bed pensioners.

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  • S.C.Verma

    Hope and wishes to be successful for commoners,who are non-political and incapable .This is great imagination of our C.M. if successful,then it should be extended to cover the entire nation.