Awards & Honours Current Affairs - 2019

Awards and Honours in Current Affairs 2019 with latest winners of various awards in India and world. Current Affairs list of awards and prize won in India and world for 2019.

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India’s Ravi Prakash wins BRICS-Young Innovator Prize

India’s Ravi Prakash has won the BRICS-Young Innovator Prize at 4th BRICS -Young Scientist Forum’s Conclave held during 6-8 November2019 in Brazil. He won the first first prize carrying $25,000 for inventing an affordable indigenous milk chilling unit for smaller and marginal rural dairy farmers.

Key Highlights

Ravi Prakash He is a PhD scholar of ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Bangalore. He was a part of 21-member delegation sent to Brazil by Department of Science and Technology (DST) for the 4th BRICS-Young Scientist Forum (YSF), 2019.

Technology: It can be used for chilling milk from point of production by bringing down the temperature of raw milk from 37C to 7C within half an hour (30 minutes) using nano-fluid based phase change materials.

This innovation of affordable indigenous milk chilling unit is of great socio-economic importance for all the developing countries by preserving the quality and safety of milk just after production. It will add value in farmer’s kitty.

About BRICS Young Innovator Prize

Background: On July 2014, during the 6th BRICS Summit held in Fortaleza, Brazil, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mooted the idea of youth engagement and desired to develop an innovative mechanism to engage, network and connect BRICS youth. Eventually, India’s proposal for creating a BRICS-Young Scientist Forum received unanimous support and was endorsed by BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministers at 2nd Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Ministerial Meeting held in Brasilia on March 2015.

Objective: To recognise and reward best results related to innovation, research and development projects representing technological innovation and a potential contribution to science and technology sector of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries.

The prize specially recognizes young talented researchers and entrepreneurs, whose outstanding innovations make a profound impact on socio-economic environment as well as life conditions in societies of BRICS nations.

Who are the Kung Fu Nuns who received Asia Society’s Game Changer Award?

The Kung Fu Nuns of the Drukpa Order, some of the Himalayas’ most prominent human rights advocates, received Asia Society’s prestigious Game Changer Award in New York for their path-breaking work to empower women and dismantle gender stereotypes in Himalayas. They received the award for their heroic activism and being a true symbol of women empowerment.

With this recognition, the Kung Fu Nuns join the likes of iconic Indian leaders Indra Nooyi, Dev Patel and Mukesh Ambani who have also been honored by Asia Society in previous years for breaking the glass ceiling with their courage and inspiring their fellow citizens.

About Asia Society Game Changer Awards

The Asia Society founded in 1956, is a nonpartisan, non-profit educational institution. It is dedicated to promote mutual understanding as well as strengthen partnerships in a global context among people, leaders and institutions of Asia and United States.

Each year, the Asia Society honor individuals, organizations, or even movements that have inspired, enlightened, and shown true leadership in areas that reflect core pillars of Asia Society’s arts and culture, policy and business, as well as education.

This year’s Game Changer Awards given by Asia Society along with its founding partner, Citi group was to honor women who are applying their unique vision and talent to make the world a better place.

Who are The Kung-Fu Nuns?

The Kung Fu Nuns are the fearless Indian daughters who represent a new generation of Buddhists using spirituality to inspire real-life action & impact. They are a strong community of 700 nuns who belong to the Drukpa Lineage, a 1000-year-old Buddhist tradition that began in Himalayas.

The nuns were encouraged by the spiritual leader and founder of the Drukpa order Gyalwang Drukpa, to train in Kung Fu to build confidence as leaders. He flouted centuries of Buddhist tradition that barred nuns from physical exercise.

They are the only Buddhist nuns in world to practice the Kung Fu, a martial art form. The nuns use their martial arts expertise to challenge gender roles in India’s conservative culture and promote gender equality and environmentalism.