Constitution & Law Current Affairs - 2020

Summary of latest bill and acts passed or pending in 2019 in Parliament of India with their salient features and issues for Current Affairs 2019 preparation for various examinations such as UPSC, SSC, State Civil Services, CLAT, Judicial Services etc.

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Supreme Court allows the functioning of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

The apex court has allowed the functioning of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNP) with a view of ‘safe and secure’ plant by issuing 15 guidelines on commissioning, safety, security and environmental issues.

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power station in Koodankulam in Tamil Nadu with a capacity of generating 2000 MW with 2 reactors but this was agitated by Anti- Nuclear activists due to fear of radiation and Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred in Japan in 2011.

Advantages of KNPP

  • It’s a technologically proven design,
  • Inbuilt safety features to minimize the risk of any radiation leaks,
  • The location is least earthquake prone area,
  • Its height ensures safety from potential tsunamis.

Issues raised in protests

  • The coolant water and low-grade waste from the KKNPP are going to be dumped in to the sea which will have a severe impact on fish production and affect the food security of southern Tamil Nadu and southern Kerala.
  • Functioning of KKNP will remit Iodine 131, 132, 133, Cesium 134, 136, 137 isotopes, strontium, tritium, tellurium and other such radioactive particles into air, land, crops, cattle, sea, seafood and ground water which in turn lead to risk of diseases and defective births.

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US rejects India’s request to serve summons against Google Facebook

US authorities held that they will be unable to execute the request by India for serving summons to 11 US-based websites including Google and Facebook. US  authorities also held that summons cannot be served to executives, as it impacts “free speech principles” that are protected under US Constitution and further it is not evident that it is “true threat or incites imminent violence” which would necessitate action.

The internet companies are accused of hosting content designed to fuel communal hatred, promoting class enmity and undermining national integrity.


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