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“Aapka Paisa, Aapke Haath”

Slogan for the Direct Cash Transfer scheme from Govt: Aapka Paisa, Aapke Haath (your money in your hands)

Direct Cash Transfer to beneficiaries of various welfare schemes by Govt.


  • To remove the middlemen from the system
  • To check leakages from the system
  • Elimination of falsification and duplication with regard to subsidies
  • Give power of choice to beneficiaries, especially BPL
  • No delay in transfer of money to beneficiaries
  • Beneficiaries can access it themselves or via banking correspondents who are being set up in all the areas
  • As per Finance Minister, P.Chidambaram, it costs the government Rs 3 to transfer 1 rupee to the pockets of beneficiaries. The rest goes on administrative expenses, waste and corruption. Cash transfers will do away with mediators of all sorts, thus reducing corruption and administrative burdens.
  • At present, beneficiaries have to furnish various paperwork for availing benefit. CTS has the potential to merge all paperwork, thus reducing red tape and improving efficiency.

Modus operandi of the scheme:

  • Banks would be the distribution point for cash subsidy initially
  • Subsidies would directly be electronically transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries
  • The electronic cash transfers will be based on Aadhaar platform

Stages planned:

  • By January 1, 2013, 51 districts with high Aadhar penetration will be covered.
  • By December 2013, the entire nation will be covered

What are the challenges before Govt?

Since, the government is basing the entire exercise on banks and using technology transfer to directly benefit the people using Aadhaar platform. But the issues are:

  • Most BPL families don’t have bank accounts
  • Several villages don’t even have bank branches
  • At present, only about 10% of population has Aadhar cards
  • Politically difficult to withdraw benefits from once-poor folk who become better off.

Trump Card for Congress?

  • NAREGA and waiving off farmers’ loans proved trump cards for Congress in the last election, this time the directly giving beneficiaries cash in their very own accounts may prove as Trump Card for Congress before next elections
  • Union Finance Minister P.Chidambaram called this scheme as a ‘game changer’

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BSE Carbonex- India’s first carbon-based thematic index launched

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) launched, country’s first carbon based thematic index, BSE Carbonex, which will provide a strategic perspective of organizational commitment to climate change mitigation.

What is the aim of BSE Carbonex?

This index is introduced with an aim providing a benchmark, and increasing awareness about the dangers posed by climate change. It will enable investors to gauge the performance of the constituent companies of BSE-100 index regarding their commitment to greenhouse gases emission reduction. Constituents of BSE Carbonex are over or underweighted compared to the benchmark based on their performance in the assessment process. The assessment will be based on the carbon emission and carbon efficiency of companies. The index will encourage people to invest in companies performing well on the index thus promoting low carbon growth. The Index has been developed with the help of expertise from U.K.

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