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Hyderabad ranked 3rd best city for 2013 visit

Best in Travel 2013 – Top 10 cities

Travel guide book Lonely Planet ranked Indian city and capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad at 3rd position to visit in 2013. 

The book described Hyderabad as "elegant and blossoming".

As per Lonely Planet, the Best in Travel 2013 – Top 10 cities:

  1. imageSan Francisco
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Hyderabad
  4. Derry/Londonderry
  5. Beijing
  6. Christchurch
  7. Hobart
  8. Montreal
  9. Addis Ababa
  10. Puerto Iguazú

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‘ Valles Marineris ‘: Largest canyon in solar system

imageMars’ Valles Marineris is the largest canyon in our solar system. It is over 4000 km long and 200 km wide, and with a depth of 10 km. This size makes it some ten times longer and five times deeper than Earth’s Grand Canyon. 

Where exactly Valles Marineris located?

  • Valles Marineris is located along the equator of Mars, on the east side of the Tharsis Bulge, and stretches for nearly a quarter of the planet’s circumference.

Where is Earth’s Grand Canyon located?

  • The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona.

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