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Defence Ministry: 5th Edition of ARTECH to be held in New Delhi

Ministry of Defence is to hold ARTECH seminar in New Delhi on 23rd December, 2019. ARTEC is Army Technology Seminar that is being held since 2016.


The fifth edition of ARTEC is to be organized by the Indian Army under Ministry of Defence on “Technologies for Non-contact Warfare”. Speakers from diverse industries, subject matter experts, think tanks have been invited to address at the seminar.

The seminar was launched as a part of “Make in India” campaign. It is a flagship event of the Indian Army that focuses on harvesting indigenous capabilities of Defence sector.


According to Ministry of Defence, of all the three services, Indian army is least technology-intensive and more manpower intensive. The testing procedures of army are rigorous. It has only claimed handful of successful collaborations like Dhanush. There are systems like Battlefield Management System, Future Infantry Combat Vehicle and Tactical Communications system that are yet to receive a prototype. They are essential to execute military operations. BMS acts like Google map in providing information about the soldiers and their unit securely.

These seminars will help address the gaps in developing these systems.

BMS and its issue

Battlefield Management Systems is a system that integrates information to enhance command and control of a unit. The estimated amount to build the system was Rs 25 billion USD. In 2007, Rs 3.5 billion USD was sanctioned. However, the project was still lagging in developing technologies of BMS as compared to other countries. In 2018, due to lack of funds and lack of competitiveness, GoI shut down the project and is now planning to import the technology. This is because other countries are far ahead and relying on old practices will put India behind.

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Pinaka missiles test fired for the second day in salvo mode

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) test fired Pinaka missile system successfully for the second day on December 20, 2019 at Chandipur, Odisha. The first trial that was conducted on Dec 19, 2019, was also done at the Integrated Test range, Chandipur, Odisha.


DRDO conducted the test firings of the Pinaka missile systems in salvo mode. The test was conducted at 20-km range and highest accuracy was achieved. The same trial was conducted for the second day as well in order to test the proximity initiation and also to test salvo launch. During this test trial, two missiles were fired at 60 seconds interval.

Salvo mode

Salvo is simultaneous discharge of firearms. This is a tactic used to cripple an enemy and prevent them from fighting back.

What is Pinaka?

Pinaka is a multi-barrel Rocket launcher (MBRL) system. It is capable of deploying 72 rockets in 44 seconds. Also, the rockets can be fired in different directions as well. Through technology transfer, Indian Army awarded contracts of manufacturing batteries of the Pinaka MBRL to TATA and L&T to produce 40 batteries each in 2006. In 2015, the Defence Acquisition Council cleared direct purchase of additional regiments of indigenous Pinaka multiple-launch rocket system. This was done to upgrade 26 Ilyushin transport aircraft bought from Russia.

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