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Chinook Helicopters to be formally inducted into Indian Air Force

The first batch of four Chinook military helicopters manufactured by the American aerospace major Boeing has arrived at the Mundra port in Gujarat. This first batch consignment will be ferried to Chandigarh, where they will be formally inducted into the Indian Air Force in 2019.

Chinook Helicopters

Chinook is a multi-role, vertical-lift platform, which is used for transporting troops, artillery, equipment and fuel. Chinook would be deployed for humanitarian and disaster relief operations and in missions such as transportation of relief supplies and mass evacuation of refugees.

The advanced multi-mission helicopter Chinook will provide the Indian armed forces with unmatched strategic airlift capability across the full spectrum of combat and humanitarian missions.

India had placed a mega contract to Boeing for the procurement of 22 Apache helicopters and 15 Chinooks for the Indian Air Force in September 2015. To deliver on the order, Boeing has strengthened its supply chain with over 160 partners in India. Boeing has also planned a joint venture to manufacture fuselages for Apache helicopters and the annual sourcing from India stands at $1 billion.

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India successfully tests Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet Propelled Missile

India has successfully undertaken the demonstration of the indigenously developed propulsion technology. The successful demonstration of indigenous technology is a step forward in the development of long-range air-to-air missiles.

A Long Journey

India had embarked on the journey to indigenously develop the Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet technology in 2013 with estimated funding of nearly Rs 500 cr to develop the technology and demonstrate it in 5 years.

The Defence Research Development Laboratory (DRDL) at Hyderabad was the lead agency for the collaborative mission project. The first test of this indigenous technology was carried out in May 2018. The recent one was a second trail and it established a series of technologies including the ground booster, separation of the ground booster and nozzle-less booster.

During the test flight, the missile was guided to high altitude to simulate aircraft release conditions and subsequently the nozzle-less. All the mission parameters were successfully met.

How Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet propelled missile is different?

The Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet propelled missile uses the air-breathing ramjet propulsion technology, which helps propel the missile at high supersonic speeds (above Mach 2) for engaging targets at long ranges.

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