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India to safeguard its interest in South China Sea: Navy Chief

India indicated that it will protect its economic interest in the disputed waters of South China Sea and if the need arises India would even send its forces.

  • China is speedily upgrading its Navy in the region.
  • India has clearly laid its intentions, that it is not a direct claimant in the South China Sea, but its major concern is the “freedom of navigation in international waters”.
  • India also has economic interests in the region. For eg: ONGC Videsh has three offshore deepwater blocks, on the southern Vietnamese coast, and invested $600 million in oil and gas exploration in these blocks in the past few years.

Concerns have been raised over the new rules announced by Hainan province (which administers the South China Sea for China) to allow for interception of ships. As per experts the move by China is aimed a bolstering its control over much of the sea, which includes important international shipping ways through which more than a third of global trade takes place.

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“CHAMP”: A Missile which can shut down electronics

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has developed and tested a new missile which uses electromagnetic pulses to target buildings can permanently knock out a country’s electronics without causing any harm to life.
During its test when it zapped over the Utah Test and Training Range, discharging electromagnetic pulses on to targets, it permanently shut down their electronics.

The missile project has been code named Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP).

What makes this missile so capable?

  • The missile carries an electromagnetic pulse cannon, which uses a super-powerful microwave oven to produce a concentrated beam of energy which causes voltage surges in electronic equipment, leaving them useless before surge protectors react.
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