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Mount Sinabung Volcano erupts in Sumatra Island

Mount Sinabung volcano erupted in Sumatra Island of western Indonesia. Eruption resulted in column of thick ash being spread seven km high to southeast and south of crater.

Key Highlights

  • Warning: Local residents living along rivers near volcano’s crater were advised to be on alert for possible lava flows. National Volcanology Agency of Indonesia urged residents living near flank of volcano to use masks when rains of ash pour down and those living alongside rivers with upstream in slope of volcano were warned of cold lava floods during torrential rains.
  • No damages or casualty were reported due to eruption.
  • Mt. Sinabung Volcano is at 2nd highest alert level due to which no one lives inside a previously announced No-Go Zone around five km from the crater.
  • Fact: Indonesia is home to over 130 active volcanoes due to its position on ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’, a belt of tectonic plate boundaries circling Pacific Ocean where frequent seismic activity occurs.

About Mt. Sinabung

Background: Mt. Sinabung roared back to life in 2010 for the first time in past 400 years. After another period of inactivity for yew years it again erupted in 2013, and has remained highly active since then. Carter saw a deadly eruption in 2016 in which seven people died.


  • It is a Pleistocene-to-Holocene (geological epoch) Stratovolcano (also known as composite volcano). It belongs to Volcanic arc/belt of Sunda Arc.
  • Elevation: It is 2,475 meters high.
  • Location: It is located in Karo district of North Sumatra province in western Indonesia and 40km from Lake Toba supervolcano.

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#SelfiewithSapling campaign: launched by Environment Minister

On the eve of World Environment Day, Union Environment Minister, Shri Prakash Javadekar launched a people’s campaign called #SelfiewithSapling, urging people to advocate the cause on social media.

Key Highlights about Campaign

  • Union Environment Minister, Shri Prakash Javadekar urged all people to join the campaign and plant a sapling and post selfie with the planted sapling on social media.
  • He also stressed that ‘Jan Bhagidari’ (means Peoples Participation) is integral towards tackling environmental issues and environment protection has to be a people’s movement for achieving success in domain.
  • He also informed that on occasion of World Environment Day (celebrated on 5 June) he along with Kapil Dev (renowned cricketer) and Jackie Shroff (bollywood actor) will plant sapling in premises of Paryavaran Bhawan (India’s first on site net zero building) in New Delhi.
  • Significance: Such initiatives are needed so as to create a carbon sink. Also environmental concerns cannot be addressed solely by government and has to be a people’s programme.

Other Initiatives

  • Hawa Aane De: Recently, the Environment ministry released a music video for World Environment Day 2019′s theme of “Air Pollution”, song is titled “Hawa Aane De”.
  • NCAP: In January 2019, National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) was launched by Centre government with aim to reduce air pollution by 2024. According to environment ministry, the committee formed under NCAP has drawn up an action plan for 84 of 102 non-attainment cities, i.e. cities that do not meet the National Air Quality Standard (NAQS) identified under programme.

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