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UN lowered India’s growth forecast to 4.8% for 2013

United Nations lowered India’s economic growth forecast for 2013 to 4.8% and warned emerging market economies of the possible negative impact of a tapering of the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program.

The UN’s World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014 report lowered India’s economic growth forecast by 1.3 % for 2013, while it pegged India’s growth rate down 1.2 % at 5.3 per cent in 2014. It projects India’s economic growth at by 5.7 % in 2015.

As per the UN report:

  • China’s growth was expected to maintain a pace of about 7.5 % over the next few years, though India’s economy was forecast to grow by more than 5 %.
  • Global economy is expected to expand by 3.0 % in 2014 and by 3.3 % in 2015, compared with estimated growth of 2.1 per cent for 2013.
  • The predictions are based on an end to the euro’s protracted recession and somewhat stronger growth in the United States.

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UTIP Study: Kolkata ranked top in public transport among Indian cities

Screenshot_2As per a study conducted by the International Association of Public Transport (UTIP), Kolkata (31) ranked top in the public transport among Indian cities. The other cities studied by the UTIP are Mumbai (41), Chennai (54), Hyderabad (55), Bangalore (65) and Delhi (79).

About the UTIP study
  • Study entitled ‘Future of Urban Mobility 2.0′
  • Data collected from 84 cities across the world
  • Released by Arthur D Little, a management consultant based in Boston and International Association of Public Transport (UITP).
  • The best cities are Hong Kong, Stockholm and Amsterdam, while the worst are Baghdad, Hanoi and Atlanta.
  • Parameters taken into account: share of trips made in public transport, smart card penetration, road density, frequency of public transport and initiatives taken in the public sector. 
About International Association of Public Transport (UITP)
  • International organization for public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, scientific institutes and the public transport supply and service industry.
  • Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
  • Formation: 17 August 1885
  • It is a platform for worldwide cooperation, business development and the sharing of know-how between its 3,400 members from 92 countries.
  • It is the global advocate of public transport and sustainable mobility, and the promoter of innovations in the sector.

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