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United Nations Security council to meet on COVID-19 first time

On April 2, 2020, the current president of United Nations Security Council, Dominican Republic announced that the world body is to meet over COVID-19 next week. The rotating presidency of the 15-member council was taken by the Caribbean country from the previous president China. China is a permanent member and has veto powers in the council.


The Council is planning to meet over teleconferencing. The primary responsibility of the council is to deal with Geo-political peace and security. The public health security is not under the mandate of the Council. Still, the Council is to meet to discuss on providing human security in the matter. The meet comes after the UNSC faced criticism over its silence on COVID-19. This is because, the council acted swiftly in 2014 at the times of Ebola.

UNSC during Ebola

In 2014, UNSC adopted a resolution 2177, claiming that the unprecedented outbreak of Ebola in Africa is a threat to “International Peace and Security”. The resolution urged countries to provide urgent resources and medical assistance. This initiation of UNSC involved several member nations and helped save many lives.

Current Scenario

Today, the United States has the highest number of corona virus cases (2,13,372) followed by Italy with 1,10,574 cases, Spain with 1,04,118, china with 82,361 cases. So far 4,600 have died in the US due to the Corona Virus.

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United Nations Nuclear Agency sends COVID-19 testing gears to 40 countries

The International Atomic Energy Agency, an autonomous wing of the United Nations has sent COVID-19 testing gears to around 40 countries.


The IAEA is known for its nuclear inspection works in countries such as Iran. It also helps countries to use nuclear technology for peaceful purpose. The organization had recently received requests from 90 countries for assistance with COVID-19 testing. The Nuclear Agency has sent its help to 40 of those requests


The first set of beneficiaries include Iran, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cuba, Thailand, Peru and Uruguay. They are receive testing gears of worth 4.37 million USD. The recipients from Asia include Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Philippines. Other countries are from Africa and Latin America.

About the kit

The kits sent by IAEA uses the RT-PCR technique. In this technique, the RNA of the virus is detected. RT-PCR is Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction. In this method, the respiratory samples obtained from sputum or from nasopharyngeal swabs are tested.

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