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Democrat-led House of Representatives approves Statehood Bill for Washington D.C

On 26th June 2020, the lower house of the United States Congress the House of Representatives has voted 232-180 in favour of the Bill that would grant the United States capital Washington D.C statehood for the first time since it was created 230 years ago.

However, with the Presidential Elections in November this year, the Bill introduced by Eleanor Holmes Norton (non-voting member of the House of Representative from Washington D.C) seems unlikely to come into force as the chances for the Bill to advance at the Senate (Upper House of the United States Congress) seems unlikely. Also, the United States President has made it clear that he would ‘veto’ the Bill even if it is passed at the Senate.

In 1790, Washington D.C was carved out from the states of Virginia and Maryland. D.C stands for District of Columbia.

At present, at the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party has a clear majority with 233 seats out of the total 435 seats. The United States President Trump’s Republican Party has 198 members at the House of Representatives. Out of 233 Democrats, 232 have voted in favour of the Bill. The Republican Party has voiced their opposition against the Bill from the beginning.

At the Senate, the Bill is even unlikely to be introduced as the Republican Party has a majority with 53 out of the 100 seats. Democrats have 45 seats at the Senate.

USD 31.3 Billion Required by WHO-led coalition ‘ACT-Accelerator’ to fight against COVID-19

A coalition led by the World Health Organization (WHO) to combat the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has informed on 26th June 2020 that it would require USD 31.3 billion in the next 12 months for continuing its fight against the pandemic.

As of today, the coalition has been able to collect USD 3.4 billion, which is 27.9 billion less than what they would require to develop and deliver tests, treatment, and vaccines for the COVID-19. The coalition further added that it would require USD 13.7 billion out of the USD 31.3 billion urgently.

About the WHO-led Coalition

The coalition is known by the name ACT-Accelerator initiative, where ACT stands for Access to COVID-19 Tools. The ACT-Accelerator was launched in April 2020 as a global initiative by the WHO. Under the coalition, many public and private organizations involved in drug-development to funding and distribution are involved.

Aim of the ACT-Accelerator Initiative

Under the initiative, the coalition intends to develop 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2021. Out of the 2 billion, the coalition expects that the 1 billion will be bought by low and middle-income countries.

At present, under the initiative, the aim is to scale up the development and delivery of 500 million COVID-19 test Kits.