Reports & Indices Current Affairs - 2020

This category comprises Current Affairs 2019-2020 related to various reports and indexes / indices by National and International Bodies and organizations such as World, Bank, World Economic Forum, NITI Aayog and various other educational and research organizations. We also place report highlights of various committees and commissions in this category.

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International Energy Agency releases World Energy Outlook, 2019

The Paris based International Energy Agency recently released its report on World Energy Outlook. The Agency has projected that the installed solar power in the world will increase by 3,142 GW by 2040. According to the report, the currently the world uses 495 GW of installed solar power.

Highlights of the report

Oil demand will slow down after 2025 and the world will transit towards electric vehicles. However, the oil demand for the next decade will keep increasing with 85% of increase coming from the US. In African states, the gas and renewable sources will power the future energy. However, the demand for coal in these countries are still raising

The report says that at present the energy demand in the world is growing at the rate of 2% per year.

Climate Scenarios

There are three climate scenarios projected by the report for the future. It includes the Current Policy Scenario, Stated Policy Scenario and Sustainable Development Scenario.

According to Current Policy Scenario, the world will continue to function with the old regulations with energy demand rising at the rate of 1.3% by 2040. The Stated Policy Scenario is New Policy Scenario. Under this the report says that with the new policies that have been introduced by the governments, the energy demand will increase by 1% per year.

The Sustainable Policy Scenario is the most ambitious of all the scenarios. Under this, the report says that by aligning with Paris Agreement the global temperature will reduce by 1.5 degree Celsius.


IEA is an inter-governmental organization of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). the World Economic Outlook is the flagship publication of the agency.

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India ranks 59th in 2019 IMD World Talent Ranking

India was ranked 59th among 63 countries in the 2019 IMD World Talent Ranking released by International Institute for Management Development.  This year, India slipped by 6 places as compared to 53rd rank in 2018 edition of this global annual list. India’s poor performance was on account of low quality of life and expenditure on education.

IMD World Talent Ranking

It is released annually by International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Switzerland based business school.  It assesses the status and the development of competencies necessary for enterprises and the economy to achieve long term value creation.

The ranking of countries is based on the performance in three main categories– investment & development, appeal and readiness. These 3 categories assess how countries perform in wide range of areas such as cost of living, quality of life, education, language skills, apprenticeships, workplace training, remuneration and tax rates.

Highlights of 2019 Rankings

Top 10 Countries: Switzerland (1st), Denmark (2nd), Sweden (3rd), Austria (4th), Luxembourg (5th), Norway (6th), Iceland (7th), Finland (8th), the Netherlands (9th) and Singapore (10th). These top countries share strong levels of investment in education and a high quality of life. Moreover, Europe leads way in fostering best conditions for competitiveness in a skills-scarce global economy.

Top Asian Countries: Singapore, along with Hong Kong SAR (15th position), followed by Taiwan (20th) lead in terms of talent competitiveness due to the readiness of talent pool. In this edition of list, Singapore rose from 13th to 10th position compared to last year, Hong Kong SAR from 18th to 15th, and Taiwan from 27th to 20th.

BRICS countries: India is also lagging behind fellow BRICS countries – China ranked 42nd, Russia (47th) and South Africa (50th).

India’s Performance: It also witnessed one of  harpest declines among Asian economies owing to low quality of life, negative impact of brain drain, and the low priority of its economy on attracting and retaining talents.

China: It was ranked in the lower half of the index. This year its rank slipped by 3 places due to low ranking on government expenditure per student, cost of living index and exposure to particle pollution.

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