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Magnetic Field of Solar Corona unveiled

The researchers in the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy have studied the interplanetary space of the sun called solar corona.


The charged particles that are radiating from the surface of the sun is called solar wind. These particles expand and fill in entire solar system. The properties of solar corona are completely dependent on the magnetic field of the sun. The magnetic field is produced in the interior and extends outward.

Key Findings of the study

The Solar Corona can be easily seen during a solar eclipse. The magnetic field lines of solar corona were recorded for over 14 eclipses that occurred in 2 decades.

According to the observations, during the periods of minimum solar activity, the corona field came straight out of the sun near the equator and poles. During the maximum solar activity, the magnetic field was radial.

Why is the study big?

The study has become highly important as so far it was assumed that the coronal magnetic field is radial beyond 2.5 solar radii. The study has found that the coronal magnetic field is non-radial to at least 4 solar radii.


The Defence Research Development Organization has developed the SUMERU PACS, that helps to reduce sweating of Personal Protective Equipment wearers.


The DRDO scientists found that the PPE wearers felt very uncomfortable after wearing them for more than 30 minutes. They start sweating and this worsens the situation.

In order, to solve this problem, personal air circulation system was developed by DRDO. The system is to be used inside the PPE as a small backpack of 500 grams. This has been named SUMERU PACS. They keep the wearer away from sweats.

About the system

The system draws outside air and the moist air goes out through a front face opening. This cools the neck and head area. The system is highly helpful for doctors and medical staffs who are forced to wear PPEs more than six hours in hospitals.