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Science & Technology Current Affairs 2019-2020 category comprises current affairs with all important national / international updates in science and tech and events for the year 2019-2020 for UPSC, States, Civil services, SSC and other competitive examinations of India and States.

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Internet Activist Aaron Swarth died

image Internet activist and co-founder of Reditt, Aaron Swarth (26), died. He was computer genius was the developer of the early version of the RSS (Rich Site Summary) – web feed system. He was facing federal charges in cases of a controversial fraud and hacking allegations.

What is RSS feed?

RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed, in general, is a format which allows the users to find out content from the sites, where updates keeps on changing regularly like a news website or a blog.

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Largest cosmic structure in the universe discovered

Astronomers from the University of Central Lancashire have discovered the largest known structure in the Universe called Large Quasar Group (LQG) that is powered by cluster of super massive black holes spanning across 4 billion light years.

What are Quasars?c

Quasars are believed to be the nuclei of galaxies of the universe, which undergoes short period of extremely high brightness making them visible in the sky from very distant positions.

The significant size of LQG is challenging the Albert Einstein’s Principle of Cosmology which states that the Universe when viewed at a large scale, it seems to be the same; it doesn’t matters that from where it is being observed from. His principle is just an assumption but was never established after observations so it’s beyond reasonable doubts.

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