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Science & Technology Current Affairs 2019-2020 category comprises current affairs with all important national / international updates in science and tech and events for the year 2019-2020 for UPSC, States, Civil services, SSC and other competitive examinations of India and States.

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NASA sends probes to map poles of the sun

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) of the United States and the ESA (European Space Agency) will send space probes to the sun to map its poles. The solar orbiter was launched on February 9, 2020.


The probe will use gravitational influence of the Earth and Venus to position itself at 26 million miles from the sun. It is 95% of distance between the sun and the earth. The probe will map the poles for the first time. This will help scientists to observe the solar winds. The solar winds permeate the solar system.

Solar Winds

The solar winds are released from the upper atmosphere of the sun. These winds carry charged particles and magnetic clouds from the sun. These winds are capable of damaging life on the earth. Therefore, it is important to learn about these winds. They are now being filtered by the thick atmosphere around the earth.

The winds are a reason for the planets including the earth to revolve around the sun.

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ISRO preparing 500 low cost satellite launch vehicles in 5 years

The Indian Space Research Organization is preparing itself to launch vehicles of cost Rs 30-35 crores. These vehicles are capable of carrying satellites weighing 500 kg


According to ISRO, it has equipped itself to manufacture these satellite vehicles in around three weeks. ISRO has allocated 1,600 million USD to manufacture these satellite vehicles. Of this allocated amount, 870 million USD is to be used to produce PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). The remaining is to be used for Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.

The plan of ISRO is to launch around 500 PSLVs in next five years.

The GOCO (Government Owned Contractor Operated) model has been performing well since its launch in both defence and space sectors. The model will help in achieving the target of ISRO.

Current Scenario

India is looking for opportunities to collaborate with UK and France Space agencies. The UK Space Trade Mission visited India in the mid of January 2020 to explore areas of cooperation.

India is also looking for opportunities to join hands with France to set up a model for the Moon Programme that is currently under operation in India.

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